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It’s more than just your money you should worry about! Social Security timing, Medicare choices, confusing choices for medicare supplement options and plans, longevity risks, as well as preventing running out of money. These are all decisions that you WILL have to make, and we are the experts at proving this type of guidance!

Protecting Assets

Licensed Retirement Planning that grows, protects, and provides lifetime income. Many Seniors don’t sleep well worrying about markets they can’t control. Our specialists can help you learn the 7 steps to a worry free retirement and help you plan for the future.

Life Insurance

“Safe, Fast, and Very Easy!” That’s how most seniors described the process of requesting quotes from Senior Benefits Life. We provide the lowest final expense and burial insurance rates available, with many different companies to choose from.

Medicare Advice

Our free advice help services saves seniors like you money everyday! In many cases we are able to help most seniors save over $10,000 just simply by selecting the proper medicare supplement plan before the age of 65. Couples can save around $20,000!

Legacy Protection

Senior citizens have been relying on our legacy planning advice for years. A common mistake of not planning for long term care can devastate any inheritance that your children may have expected. There’s a simple way to protect assets. Timing is crucial!

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Due to the new culture of social distancing, many of our new clients prefer online screen sharing as their preferred method of interaction.

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“After speaking with our independent agents on the phone, most seniors tell us that the new life insurance policy rates quoted, were much more affordable than they originally expected.”

Free Medicare Workshops

In addition to our incredible Final Expense division, the Medicare division of our business has experienced the largest percentage growth over the last 2 years. We contribute that growth due to a very popular and informative Medicare educational workshop that we developed in Mid-2016.

COMING SOON: we are launching the online version of the workshop now for everyone to access instantly.

The accurate information you need when turning 65. Our interactive Medicare Workshops are now offered both live and online.

Designed to help you sort through the maze of mail solicitations and online information to avoid deadlines, penalties, and sales pitches.

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Owner and Founder of Nesteggsperts, Inc and seniorbenefitslife.com

A Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor with over a decade of experience helping seniors with retirement decisions such as Medicare, Social Security, and Income Planning. For over the last 2 years John has had the #1 Medicare Supplement help video on Youtube.

Medicare Specialist

With over 14 years experience in the insuranc eindustry, she has made Medicare and Final Expense Insurance her specialty. Chances are good that she will be the one who gets your questions answered. Licensed in several states in Eastern US, Debbie answers calls and questions from all over the country as well as in local workshops.

I understand that by providing the information above, an agent from Senior Benefits Life may contact me regarding health plan options.

Need Help with Retirement Planning?

Did you know that your greatest risk in retirement is living too long? Let us show you how to reduce your long term care expenses if you need them….while eliminating market risk in your IRA.