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Medicare Supplement Insurance Specialists

We are able to provide you with FREE information that you may need to help you better understand the differences in cost, coverage, and medicare supplement options.

A Medicare Supplement of like part must provide the same benefits no matter which Med Supplement insurance provider you choose.”

For example:

  • Company A offers a MED SUPP PLAN F – For a 75 year old female nonsmoker may cost $173 per month.

“..while other companies are able to provide the exact same plans for $150 per month or less, for the exact same benefits.” clearly outlines this information and facts within the Medicare and You Brochure

The cost difference between a plan F and a plan G can be $50 to $70 or more per month!

“The difference in benefits provided in Medicare Plan F and a Plan G are exactly the same”

EXCEPT with a Plan G: Seniors will have to pay the Medicare Part B deductible of $183 per-year “out of pocket.”

“Where do you think that extra $600 plus per year is coming from..? “

THINK ABOUT IT!! In most cases the answer is: “Your own, personal savings and retirement senior funds.

Understanding Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage, is often very confusing for most seniors.

For example, if you choose Original Medicare, then which Medicare Supplement Plan is right for you? Is it Plan A? plan G? plan F? Plan N? “…you can start to get the picture, it’s confusing..”

Selecting with Med Advantage instead, do you choose a HMO, PPO, or PFFS..?

Learn more about what a SNP is, and find out the best options and more about what do you do about Part D prescription drug coverage.

“After you find out that you need health care coverage is not the best time to clear up that confusion.”

When requesting quotes for better medicare rates or a new life instance policy, our agents can search and shop between many carriers, helping you get the health care that you deserve as a senior, from the company you select, with the best possible low rates.

We are independent licensed medicare agents, we don’t represent just any one single company.

Our dedicated agents are able to help you search and then provide options from many different Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage providers.

More About Medicare Enrollment

Plan A, Plan B, Part A, Part B, Plan F…confused yet?

We always try to first educate our clients on the differences in terms first, before they try to make a decision. Starting at the difference between the term PLAN and PART always helps.

PART is referring to Medicare coverage.

  • PART A is Medicare hospital coverage
  • PART B is Medicare doctor and medical coverage
  • PART C is Medicare Advantage (more about that later)
  • PART D is your prescription drug plan.

All PARTS are regulated by MEDICARE and each have separate rules and benefits.


For Example:

  • Plan A covers NONE of your PART A hospital deductible (currently over $1400 per occurrence in a 60 day period)
    • But covers 100% of your Medical Expenses (PART B) such as doctors charges, medical services and supplies AFTER you pay the PART B deductible (currently around $200 annually)

Plan F is no longer available for anyone turning 65 in 2020. If you are born before 1955, you can still purchase a PLAN F as long as you live

Read the NEW Medicare Enrollment Guide now!


Part C is also called Medicare Advantage. If you choose a PART C, you will not be allowed to have a Medicare Supplement plan by law.

A Medicare Advantage plan is where an insurance company contracts directly with Medicare to provide managed medical care to you at a set rate.

Did you know that many times, PART D is bundled with PART C, and in most cases MEDICARE ADVANTAGE PLANS have zero premium cost to you and appear cheaper than a medicare supplement plan.?

However, there ARE OUT OF POCKET CO-PAYS and DEDUCTIBLES with most of them. Be sure to read the STATEMENT OF BENEFITS carefully before you sign up for a PART C.

  • There are only a few times that you can enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan.
    • When you first turn 65 is one of them.
    • If you move out of your coverage area into a new coverage area is another one.
    • Annually during open enrollment period (Mid Oct. thru Early Dec each year).

There are some other exceptions: Visit for more info.

PART D – Prescription Drug Plans – PDP

Most questions we answer each year concern Medicare Part D

Some ask why should they even get a Part D because they are not on any medications. CMS says that if you do not enroll in a Part D when you are eligible, you will be penalized 1% of the national average cost of a part D PER MONTH for every month you are not enrolled! So when you turn 65, or get on Medicare, you basically don’t have a choice.

For more information about Part D, see “How we help Seniors avoid costly mistakes

Medicare Supplement, Prescription Drug Plans, & Medicare Advantage

Understanding Original Medicare vs Medicare Advantage can be confusing.

  1. For example, if you choose Original Medicare, then which Medicare Supplement Plan is right for you? Is it Plan A? Plan G? Plan F? Plan N? …you get the picture.
  2. If you go with Med Advantage instead, do you choose a HMO, PPO, or PFFS? What’s a SNP?
  3. Then what do you do about Part D prescription drug coverage?
  4. After you need health care is not the best time to clear up that confusion.

Need help making sense of all the different Medicare insurance plans and options?

IF you are just before turning 65 this could be all new to you, so here’s your first MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT TIP.

A Medicare Supplement of like part must provide the same benefits no matter which Med Supplement insurance provider you choose.

HOWEVER they don’t have to cost the same.

For example: Company A MED SUPP PLAN F for a 75 year old female nonsmoker may cost $173 per month while Company B costs $155 for the EXACT SAME PLAN F benefits! says in the Medicare and You handbook:


By calling toll-free now at: 1-877-6000-SBL  1 (877) 600-0725

A licensed trained personnel will answer your Medicare Supplement questions and help you discover if you could save money. Because we don’t represent just one, but several different Med Supp and Med Advantage providers, we can shop between many carriers, yet still get the health care you deserve.

Here’s Medicare money saving tip number two: The cost difference between a plan F and a plan G can be $50 to $70 or more per month!

The difference in benefits provided in a Plan F and a Plan G are exactly the same…EXCEPT with a plan G, you will have to pay the Medicare Part B deductible of $148 per year out of your pocket. Where do you think that extra $600 plus per year is coming from?

We understand that selecting the right plan can be a difficult process for many seniors! 

Our Experienced Senior Care Experts are always here to make it easier, as a part of our care services for seniors.

WE ARE MEDICARE EXPERTS: Our licensed insurance and medicare agents are able to walk you through the whole process

How We Help Seniors avoid costly Medicare mistakes

Our services are specialized for seniors over the age of 64.


If you are NEW to Medicare, you are bombarded with mail solicitations that want you to call them for expert help. That’s ok….cause you do need it. However, most of the licensed agents look after their best interest before yours. Here’s what we mean.

  • Keep in mind, insurance agents (including Senior Benefits Life) are paid based on the amount of premium.
  • The larger your premium, the more agents are paid. Most agents present a plan that will be fairly reasonable in price that will pay for EVERY ALLOWABLE CHARGE – a plan F.
  • They present the plan F saying that because you are at age 65, during your guaranteed issue period, the insurance company is NOT ALLOWED TO ASK A MEDICAL QUESTION and must issue when you apply. It’s the law!
    • However, if you are reasonably healthy, this decision could cost you thousands of dollars for the rest of your life!

Also know, that once you get a plan, you cannot be singled out for a rate increase! BY LAW, each Medicare Supplement plan can only charge a certain amount in proportion to their claims experience.

Why is this important information to know?

Because if you have a plan G (which is 30% – 40% cheaper most of the time) you are now in a group of people that have answered positively to the health questions and are at least healthy now.

If you are in a plan F, you are not only in a plan that costs more, but you are in a plan that has HAD to take all of the unhealthy people too! Therefore, the claims experience has a greater chance of increasing premiums exponentially during the time you have the policy.

Here’s the real kicker. IF you become sick later, then now you are stuck and can never get into an underwritten plan such as a G.

If this explanation doesn’t make sense then just ask yourself this:

  • WOULD YOU PAY AN INSURANCE COMPANY AN EXTRA $400 to $1000 per year JUST TO PAY A $200 bill that MIGHT come in?
  • That is the only difference between an F and a G plan.
  • Keep in mind the F pays the MEDICARE PART B DEDUCTIBLE of $147 annually.
  • The medicare supplement plan G pays everything except that!

WHY SHOULD YOU GET HELP WITH PRESCRIPTION DRUG PLANS? The statistics show that Seniors waste hundreds of dollars each year by not being on the best prescription drug plan. Because the Annual Enrollment Period is only once each fall, people tend to adopt the attitude “if it is not broke, don’t fix it!” PDPs change each year.

Whether you change or not is not relevant, your plan medicare supplement plan, likely will change benefits without you doing a thing. To be safe and save as much money as possible, it is always best that you review it each year. A simple online computer comparison program is used to compare your prescriptions, dosages, and the pharmacy that you visit, to see which plan is best for you alone!

“Statistics show that only 5% of the seniors are on the most cost effective plan.”

Once you are a SBL Customer, each year we will review your prescriptions to make sure that you are not wasting money unnecessarily on the wrong plan.

Call: 1 (877) 600-0725 now to review your senior medicare supplement plan