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As part of a high standards to maintain a positive reparation, only approved professionals can be a part of our popular Nestegg Radio Network group. We are truly dedicated to providing only the highest moral and ethical standards for other financial professionals on the radio.  Our Nestegg Radio Network members always stress education over product and teaser bonuses.

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John and Sherry Peregoy founded Nesteggsperts, Inc. in 2007 after years of being a top independent Life and Annuity Agent for Investors Financial Group. Having educated many fellow agents on financial services products, John and Sherry understood the need to get the safe money message out to the masses. Retirement Talk radio was born from that vision and still today continues to touch many lives.

We have millions of dollars under protection and growth with our elite group of asset management companies. In the history of Nesteggsperts, Inc., no one has ever lost a dime due to the market dropping or the financial institution failing. We have had annual returns in some years as high as 26% without market risk. It your advisor able to honestly make that claim? 

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