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Final Expense Insurance for Seniors

“Affordable policies designed to help seniors.” We are here to help you get low cost coverage to help cover final expenses, and help you relieve the unwanted financial burden on beloved family members.

Our friendly senior care specialists are to provide free help to anyone that has questions about selecting the most affordable life insurance plan. By search and providing many different options, we can help all seniors make sure they currently have the cheapest rates available in your local state.

Searching for the best rates for getting help with final experiences?

Many seniors assume that burial insurance is not very affordable..but after calling to request a quote for final expenses, most seniors realize that life insurance coverage of around $10,000 is much more affordable than expected.

Yes, we all know that the cost of living is expensive, but so is the cost of dying.. For Example, take take a quick moment to consider cost of expenses after after you or a loved one passes on…“To cover the expenses involved with just a funeral alone, could easily cost most people around $5,000“

Many seniors do not realize that many new options for low cost plans are being approved each year different US states.
We make it convenient for you to put a new life insurance plan in place today! Shop the top rate life insurance carriers to find you the cheapest rate for your particular state, health, and age classification.

Find out which company offers the best rates in your state for final expense insurance coverage, just request a quote now, and the licensed independent agents here at Senior Benefits Life can help you find out now at .


Yes, most low cost final expense insurance policies really do start at only around: $1 per day

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If you have a need for larger face amounts, we have over 20 different 
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Senior Benefits & Insurance Coverage For All Seniors

Through our strategic alliances with many large insurance carriers, we are able to take advantage of the underwriting differences to find the particular plan that will accept your risk classification.

For example: If  you have diabetes, certain carriers ask the diabetic questions differently to determine if you will be accepted. 

Some ask: “in the past 2 years, have you taken insulin for diabetes?”

While others ask: Have you ever been treated for insulin shock or lost a limb as a result of diabetes?

Knowing the differences in the underwriting questions is a big advantage when trying to get you coverage in place. Most insurance agents have only one company to pick from because they are captive. We have over 20 to choose from!

Getting Help With Final Expenses

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Understanding Medicare

Have questions or need information about medicare, or low cost medicare supplement options, that many seniors quality for? Ask medicare supplement questions or read more information online now to learn more!

Retirement Planning, Assistance IRA, and 401k

Get help managing your money, with retirement planning assistance. from experienced and trusted experts:

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Helpful information help understanding options and possible choices, that most seniors have in regards to planning their future and securing life savings, to live more comfortably, in years of retirement.

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Learn more about how we help seniors get help needed, when it comes to selecting from possible options available, to making the best choices for healthcare coverage.

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